Archive of VASA 2020
Participants, finalists и winners of VASA 2020
In 2020 15 companies took part in the competition, which presented 18 competition samples to the Jury in the categories "technical device", "technical solutions" and "ingredients and supplies".
Category "Technical Device"
LUCE ZERO.TOUCH is an Italian manufactured machine, dispensing hot beverages. Rheavendors Group, Italy.
The first Russian reverse vending machine for receiving plastic bottles and aluminum cans. The company - Vkusvill.
Stylish and modern Coffee-point for offices and other public spaces. Excellent coffee beans in the format "to go" within walking distance and without queues. The company - Uvenco.
RossoToGo Street
ROSSO ToGo Street – vending machine for outdoor operations, selling coffee and other hot drinks in "coffee to go" format. The company - UNICUM.
OXY 20L- vending – a vending machine for breathing with oxygen mixes for fee. The company - PRO Oxygen.
Category "Technical Solutions"
Complex solution for vending
A modular software and hardware system for vending that solves the tasks of monitoring the status and management of TA, accepting cashless payments, applying loyalty programs, a cloud and local model of fiscalization, digitalizing operational and logistic processes. The company - Kit Vending.
MULTI SIM-card allows M2M / IoT devices to work without signal loss.
The signal is supported by 4 operators. The company - M2M EXPRESS.
Mindeo MP8608
Mindeo MP8608 is an imbeddable device for reading 1D/2D codes from LCD and printed labels. Provides easy integration with self-checkout terminals and kiosks; compatible with QR code payment services like Rosinter, WeChat, Alipay, etc. The company - Scan City.
QR Payment System for Vending
QR payment solution which can take cashless payments to a new level in the vending industry.
This is an all-in-1 Vending Solution:
- Cashless payments;
- Monitoring and remote control of vending machines;
- Loyalty system.
The company - Telemetron & SWIP
Touch solution for snack vending machine
The touch-solution for snack vending machine is much useful as for customers, same for the managers.
The solution consists of the touch monitor which is fixed to vending machine, PC and unique soft. The company - Rosavtomattorg.
Complex system of telemetry, fiscalization and automation of vending operators service.
The main innovative ideas of the sample:
- Unique data filtering system.
- Forecasting the date of the next vending machine service and etc.
The company - Intellect Vending.
The EVOPLAY payment service is a software product of EVOL GROUP and is a platform for accepting payments using a QR code. The company - EVOLGROUP.
IT solutions for vending machines operation optimization: cloud telemetry server, online modem for UNICUM vending machines and "Unicum telemetry Kit" for machines of other brands. The company - UNICUM.
Mobile application 24U
Mobile application 24U is a modern and convenient way to buy goods from vending machines, MicroMarkets and coffee points. The company - Uvenco.
Category "Ingredients and Supplies"
Dry mix for «Raph-coffee»
Dry mix for making Raf-coffee with lavender flavor based on milk with the addition of a substitute for dry cream and lavender flavor. The company - Aristocrat
Innovative environmentally friendly paper cups
An environmentally friendly paper cup line without traditional PE coating. The company - Formacia.
Wooden stirrers for vending machines
The products are used for mixing cold and hot drinks: coffee, tea, cocoa, cocktails, etc. Completely replaces the plastic stirrers without the need for any vending machine modification. The company - Talivenda.
Range of paper cups "Total black"
New range of paper cups "Total black", which are performed with usage of Black PE coating. The inside surface of cardboard is covered by liquid-proof PE layer, that is absolutely safe for health of consumers. The company - Formacia.
The international Jury evaluated the competition samples according to the following criteria: "relevance", "ease of implementation", "degree of completion" and "innovation".
Boris Belotserkovsky
President of National Association of Automated Trading (RNVA)
Erwin Wetzel
General Director of European Vending Association EVA)
Egor Spivakovsky
President of the Union of the trading operators
Alvaro de Laguno Gorria
CEO Hostelvending magazine
Ivan Melnik
Director of innovations of Х5 Retail Group
Jerome Morgen
Global vending and display director of Mars Wrigley
Nina Kozhevnikova
Founder of the company Nicovend (Irkutsk)
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