March 21, 2023
Moscow, Expocenter
Vending & Automated Services Award is designed to celebrate the best innovative achievements in vending and self-service systems.

Development of the vending industry through the introduction of new products and technologies
Popularization of the vending industry and self-service systems among the end user
Expansion of area applications of vending machines & self-service systems
Competitive categories
Technical device
- Vending machines
- Self-service devices
- Other development
Technical solutions
- Payment services and devices
- IT solutions to optimize the management/service of TA and self-service devices
- Safety and security tools for TA
- Other development
- Fillers (coffee, tea, hot chocolate and others)
- Snaks
- Ready meals
- Others
Supplies and maintenance
- Packaging / disposable tableware
- Filters
- Mechanisms of issuing goods
- Means of transportation
- Others
The Jury 2023
  • Arseny Akhkyamov
    Head of Scouting at the company "Opportunity Accelerator" at the Institute of Science and Technology of Moscow State University "Vorobyovy Gory"
  • Arkady Boltyansky
    CEO & Founder "Chao-Kakao", board member of Association of vending machine operators
  • Elektra Elektra
    Head of vending department "VkusVill"
  • Vadim Rydkin
    Founder and CEO "FICH"
  • Alina Akinshina
    CEO of "Online Patent", patent attorney
  • Alexander Deryugin
    Deputy Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of Moscow
Winners 2023
CandyPay – mechanical vending with cashless payment and a single control module
These are familiar to all machines with children's toys, but in a new, modern format. Thanks to the already existing development experience and a team of specialists, in 2022 the StirkaTime project developed a unique it-platform and a cashless payment solution for mechanical vending.
KitPos acquiring terminals with Dual Pay technology
Acquiring terminals for vending KitPos Master and KitPos Lite with Dual Pay technology return to customers the usual one-touch payment option with both bank cards and smartphones (iOS and Android).
iVend Self Hub
A specialized unit for automatic dispensing and accounting of consumables or goods (glasses, caps, tubes, sticks, sugar, syrups) for automating self-service systems and coffee corners. One kit supports up to 6 automatic dispensers, completely eliminates theft of consumables or goods, and also allows you to see the number of sales and the status of dispensers.
Feedback from participants
  • Vadim Volkov
    CEO MAG Technology
    Of course, it's cool that we have won, the exhibition is still international, it's cool enough to receive recognition, it's emotionally great and confirmation that we are moving in the right direction.
  • Vladimir Martemyanov
    Technical director of EFOR
    It is always nice to get recognition for your work, let's hope that next time we will take 1st place.
  • Mikhail Andreev
    CEO KitVending
    Impressions from the competition are only positive, as well as from the exhibition, emotions have increased from the victory.
  • Victor Dmitriev
    Commercial director of iVend
    The emotions of participation and victory are absolutely positive, we are very pleased that we did not waste our time in vain. Our solution will definitely be successful for the vending, judging by the interest in it at the exhibition.
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