• Boris Belotserkovskiy
    President of The National Association of Automated Trading
    Boris Belotserkovskiy has been the President of the Russian National Association of automated trading since 2015. Proposals of the vending community were formed with his participation and guidance, which were taken into account in the development of legislative initiatives related to the automated trading industry. Boris Belotserkovsky is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the largest Russian vending network UVENCO, as well as the largest Russian manufacturer of vending equipment – UNICUM.
  • Erwin Wetzel
    Director General of European Vending & Coffee Service Association
    Erwin started to work for the European Vending & Coffee Service Association (EVA) in 2011 as Regulatory Affairs Manager and became the Director General of the association in 2014. Over the last 9 years, the membership base of the EVA has grown up to 122 members and is composed by the various segments of the industry, including manufacturers of machines, payment systems and cups, but also operators and suppliers of ingredients and telemetry systems. As Director General, Erwin coordinates various committees which aim at harmonising the industry and finding solutions to make the business grow.
  • Roman Timaev
    Head of the department of innovative products X5 Retail Group
    Roman Timaev graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University and received a master's degree in "automatic control systems for aircraft". Roman has been working at X5 Retail Group since 2014. At Pyaterochka retail chain he was responsible for implementing projects for the development of the commercial block. At Perekrestok retail chain Roman implemented and supervised strategic projects. Since 2018 at X5 Retail Group he has been responsible for implementing innovative solutions to improve the company's business efficiency in the corporate center.
  • Alvaro de Laguno Gorria
    CEO of Hostelvending magazine
    With a background of 25 years of experience in the publishing sector behind him, Alvaro de Laguno Gorría identifies with a symbol of the automatic distribution (Vending) in Spain and much of the Spanish-speaking community of the world.This symbolization is given by being the CEO and founder of Hostelvending magazine and being present, participating for more than 20 years in all significant events, fairs and presentations within the Vending channel, contributing and disseminating through the magazine and digital newspaper Hostelvending the opinion and knowledge, the result of the research and work of a group of information professionals that make up the editorial.
  • Olga Armashevskaya
    Founder of the vending company CoffeeKeks
    Olga's first introduction to the vending business was in 2009, when she was hired as a customer service manager. In 2012 Olga launched her own project "CoffeeKeks". Today this brand is represented in several cities of Russia. In Rostov-on-don, where the project was "born", the vending network "CoffeeKEKS" takes the second place in the market after the largest Federal player. The company has successfully survived three economic crises in the country and a global pandemic. 80% of clients have been working with this company since the launch of the project for more than 8 years.
  • Ksenia Borbacheva
    Deputy CEO, Moscow Agency of Innovations
    Ksenia has been holding executive positions in large organizations for over 10 years: Renaissance Capital, MIRAX GROUP, VEB. Since January 2020, she is responsible for the development of the direction for working with large business at the Moscow Agency of Innovations. The goal of this direction is to scale up innovative business through joint projects with the participation of leading corporations, the city and startups. The key project of this direction is the Moscow Accelerator. Ksenia is an expert in the areas of business development through innovation, corporate innovation, increasing the efficiency of companies through the use of technology, the introduction of innovative technologies into the urban environment.
  • Eric M.C. Schwaab
    CEO of Vending Report, Vending Report Globe
    With a background of 30 years of experience, Vending Report (Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland) and Vending Report Globe (World) inform about developments, trends and solutions in the vending sector. VR is published as a print magazine and is available digitally on the internet and via its cost-free iOS, Android and Amazon apps in the respective stores. With +85K subscribers on Facebook, VR is the strongest social media vending channel. As the managing director, Eric M.C. Schwaab is networked worldwide with the major vending manufacturers and insiders and is considered a welcome contact partner. He furthermore is one of the jury members for the German vending awards and launched the first German online exhibition for the coffee & vending industry: Vendtra.
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